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Cosmic Kids DJ set – Live at Say Yes


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Riding high on the back of our roadblocked Halloween party and looking to up the game even further for our last party of the year, we bow out in style, and in honor of being joined by Stevie Kotey of Bear Funk Records – a fave DJ and producer of the Say Yes team having released killer 12″ from the likes of Lindstrom, Altz, Idjut boys and Max Essa and many other Say Yes favourites.

Stevie’s DJ sets are as diverse as his releases; ranging from all corners of dance – from Balearic to acid house and disco, and highly acclaimed mixes for Bear Funk and Strutt. His own productions never fail to disappoint – releasing under his own name; many aliases (Afrobutt’s, The big bear) and as the touring DJ of the awesome Chicken Lips.

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So here is the radio show recorded in June when Prince Language came to DJ for Say Yes recorded live a Diesel U Music Radio.  Be sure to checked out the Alexander Robotnik and In Flagranti Shows too available to download on our Mixes page

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Nadia and Thomas have an argument about krautrock

Picture 5

Whilst Thomas was making the new flyer, he noticed that we said that we played Kraut music and stared to argue that we should take it off, because he doesn’t think we do play Krautrock music. Then launched into some boring beard description about Kraut music, although when me and Rory refer to Kraut… we mean Kraut as in ‘elektronik Kling Klang music, but we made that up, so that would look shit on the flyer

Anyway so here is our Now ‘That’s what i call Kraut’ spotify play list… enjoy…

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SAY YES RADIO with Alexander Robotnick

Expertly hosted by Rory and Nadia, a couple of tracks from Thomas; A very funny interview with Andy Blake (Dissident); and some interesting stuff from Alexander Robotnick, including covers of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” and “Ina La Gadda La Vida”. Preview vid above, link to mix below x

Say Yes Radio with Alexander Robotnik”>

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New Mixes March



01 – Bot’Ox – Motor City – CDR
02 – Fernando – Kick In The Eye (Dub) – Redux
03 – Grizzlehands – I’m a Hansa Dansa – Speak
04 – Hipsters (Runaway Remix) – CDR
05 – Silver City – Pendulo (Pete Herbert Edit) – Deep Freeze
06 – Nitzer Ebb – Join In The Chant (Lies) (Instr .)
07 – Richard Sen & Cazbee – Cat Dance – Autodiscotheque
08 – Giorgio – I Wanna Rock You (Jacques Renault Edit)
09 – Edit The Edit – Barnamega
10 – Gallifré – House Rythm – Danica
11 – Runaway – Putting It In The Overtime – I’m a Cliché
12 – It’s a Fine Line – My Kind Of Woman – Tsuba
13 – LCD Soundsystem – 45:33 (Padded Cell Remix) – DFA
14 – Rhetta Hugues – Crisis -Dub
15 – Amral’s trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra – 90% Of Me is You – Strut



Thomas Whitehead is our opening DJ and takes care of all Say Yes visual and artwork related output from the Flyers, idents and clubs visuals.
Thomas is in the gradual process of channeling his dedicated, long standing love of disco logos, eight point star filters, optical SFX, Bakshi /  Lisberger / Anger / Frazetta / Lubalin  and “matte paintings of spacescapes” into a coherent visual identity for the night.
He also has a very banging record collection, plays vinyl only and turns up on time when the rest of us are tarting ourselves up. This first mix from him leaves the italo and canada disco aside for a second for a breezier slower set.  Enjoy.

1. Men without Hats – Safety Dance
2. Eurythmics – Paint a rumour
3. Fad Gadget – Coitus Interruptus
4. Legowelt – Assault on Precinct 13
5. K.I.D. – Don’t stop
6. Giorgio – Knights in White Satin
7. Can – …And More
8. Roni Griffiths – Voodoo Man
9. Purple Flash – We can do it
10. Rinder and Lewis – Blue steel (edit)
11. R. Craig – Second Wind

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Say Yes is a monthly dance party at THE DROP (Stoke Newington) and occasional radi show playing disco, electro boogie, NY and European pop oddities and much more - email

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