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Halloween! Mega Mixes and video now available

We now have Say Yes mega mixes available to download from last months epic Halloween party. The first instalment comes courtesy of  Andy Blake who did an awesome job of keeping the dance floor on fire for 2.5 hours. And check out the video for our last party too.




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Say Yes returns for another essential sweaty rave off, with guest DJ Andy Blake (Dissident records), to celebrate the somewhat overdue arrival of volume three of Dissident’s compilation CDs.

Andy Blake is the man behind the awesome Dissident imprint, which releases limited runs of 1 sided 12″ singles and from the awesome debut of Binary Chaffinch’s – False Energy, an 11 minute, genre bending, dance floor wig out: we heard ; were hooked. Fast forward 2 years and Dissident has tallied up an excellent back catalogue of underground dance floor fodder by the likes of Cage and Aviary, Photonz, Barrsica, Naum Gabo (Jonnie Wilkes) and G&S (Nadia Ksaiba and Matt Waites) bringing us to the compilation number 3 CD.

As well as running a label, and having one of the most enviable record collections in London, Andy has embarked on a remixing career, starting recently with a mix for legendary dance pioneer Alexander Robotnik. Most importantly he can put together a hell of a DJ set, so come bear witness as he joins us behind the turntables.

For an interview and mix with Andy.. please see ALAINFINKIELKRAUTROCK

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Coming Up


Thanks for everyone that made it down, it was great fun.

If you have any photos of the night then you can upload them to our Flickr group

We are in the middle of making another Podcast and confirming our next guest for 28th March which we are very very excited about. The clue is in the new ident clip which will be on this very blog soon.

In the mean time look out for Nadia (me) and Matt Waites 12″ single coming out in Feb/March on Londons finest; Dissident and Rory’s amazing remix of Say Yes hero Alexander Robotnick – Obsession on This is music out soon. They are both hard at work in the studio on different projects which we can’t talk about just yet. more to come soon.

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