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Cosmic Kids DJ set – Live at Say Yes


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Exclusive In Flagranti DJ Mix

An Exclusive DJ mix ahead of our incredible Rave in a Cave on April 29th comes courtesy of In Flagranti’s Sasa  Crnobrnja. E-mail sayyesparty@gmail for download link and track listing.

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Dan Beaumont – DJ Mix

Dan Beaumont was supposed to make us an exclusive DJ mix, and he did not. So I can only hope that you haven’t listened to his latest one up on mixcloud and if you haven’t –  you are in for a treat, and you have already then you’ll only have to come and see him DJ at Say Yes othis Saturday and experience it for real.

Click image / link for Mix

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New DJ Mixes from All

Hey Hey to get you in the mood, check out the latest DJ mixes from residents and guests.





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Old mix tapes – Sasa Crnobrnja (In Flagranti) NYC 1993


Organic Groove 94 – 2000

In New York, during the mid 1990’s, music lovers became dissatisfied with the current sounds of deep and tribal house, the ridiculousness of Club Kids and Runway shows and the Mayor’s crackdown on nightlife. With decent parties to the point of near extinction and with no place to listen to music other than pseudo intellectual nights DJ Sasa Cronbnja aka Inflagranti (who also ran a clothing company and shop in the Lower East Side at the time) got together with Erika Lively, Zeb (The Spy from Cairo) and other DJs and musicians and started a real alternative weekly party.


“The party was called Organic Grooves and it started in 1994 in New York.  The idea was to have a different kind of party as I was getting bored with house music and hearing the same tunes when going out, 
so I went back to my roots of cosmic music back in the early 80’s
 and mixed Trip Hop with African music and pitched down jungle with
 easy listening…”

Alongside Sasa, musicians, percussionists and sometimes vocalists would jam but this was not a concert – it was a dance party. At a time when the city had passed a law making it impossible to dance in venues without cabaret licenses, people only went out in Manhattan. This was all to change, as the roving party would sometimes regroup in Brooklyn and Queens. Taking place from basements, antique shops, old theatre spaces, empty restaurants and roof tops similar to the raves in the UK you’d phone up to find out where the party was happening.

Sasa was the main DJ but would sometimes be joined by Thomas Ryan, Nickodemus, Marcus (Shit Robot) and Tim Sweeney from Beats in Space and others. The party continued for 8 years very Friday night, kick-starting Codek records and releasing 4 Organic Grooves albums. Here we have a mixtape from Sasa from 1993 that has never been heard before….

Side A

Side B

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Say Yes’ monthly residency at the Drop returns for what promises to be another spectacular dance off. With a soundtrack spanning a wild and wonderful spectrum of genres and special guest DJ Krikor (Paris) alongside residents Nadia Ksaiba and Thomas Whitehead. Krikor Kouchian has released a string of 12″s over the past decade for various labels including Kill the DJ, Tigersushi and Dirty with his edit of Q Lazzarus – Good Bye Horses, the final track on Silence of the Lambs, a long lost forgotten gem.

Krikor has released records from Pilooski on his own label Omerta Registrazione and remixed many tracks including Ark and Chloe (who he collabrates with as Plein Soleil, releasing records on Playhouse.) His Debut album “Land of Truth”, released as Krikor and the Dead Hillbillies confounds expectations of rockabilly revivalism, instead giving an insight into days holed up in The Conservatoire de Paris studying composition. Singles (and proven Say Yes dance floor hits) ‘God will Break it All’ and ‘Crackboy” display the perfect mix of all the best bits of music, much like his DJ sets comprising of plenty of the early house, vintage drum machines, minimal and industrial sounds we love so much.

Download/ Listen to Krikors banging DJ mix last October for Beats in Space Here

Listen to Nadia Ksaiba DJ mix here

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Rory Phillips Mini Mix – Radio One

Rory’s mini mix (a 5 minute mix, usually for the Annie Mac Radio 1 show) will be broadcast tomorrow on the Jaymo and Andy George show from 7-9P.M Friday 26th March 2010.

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