Nadia and Thomas have an argument about krautrock

July 2, 2009 at 9:08 pm 2 comments

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Whilst Thomas was making the new flyer, he noticed that we said that we played Kraut music and stared to argue that we should take it off, because he doesn’t think we do play Krautrock music. Then launched into some boring beard description about Kraut music, although when me and Rory refer to Kraut… we mean Kraut as in ‘elektronik Kling Klang music, but we made that up, so that would look shit on the flyer

Anyway so here is our Now ‘That’s what i call Kraut’ spotify play list… enjoy…



Gong – Heavy tune – I always thought Gong were Krautrock because their stuff was a little pretentious, jammy and daft. they are of course, English / Australian…Thomas
Popol Vuh – Vuh Thomas’s idea of proper krautrock. big, bearded hippy music. A great deal of their stuff soundtracked Herzog movies.
Blur – Caramel Blur are playing this week, and Thomas thought this sounded a lot like “Vuh” in parts
Ashra – Sunrain Perhaps this is more in the electronik kosmiche vein that I prefer more than standard Krautrock, which Manuel Gottsching was responsible in the 70’s for making the music take the more king klang elektronik direcktion, this reminds me of Michael Jean Jarre, who I used to listen to non stop when I was a child, along with Michael Jackson (rip). I tried to put Michael Jean Jarre in the list, but was denied as he as too French,
Aphrodite’s Child – Chakachak (Greekrock)
Andreas Dorau – Die Welt Ist Schlecht – this is total banging Kraut.. When thought I got into Kraut, I thought it was music like this… and DAF, and Grauzone (grauzone are swiss – Thomas)… not all this epic german psychadelic prog rock, I think my expertise in Kraut lies in the 80’s.. krauty new wave vibes (Nadia) (Isn’t this just a bit Jeremy Clarkson, calling anything german Kraut?..Thomas)
Stereo Total – Wir Tanzen Im 4-Eck (ditto..thomas)
Eno – Broken Head Honorary Kraut
Edgar Froese – Icarus – Good stuff.
Felix Kubin – Too technical – Little does thomas know, when we first started Say Yes, at the Ammersham Arms, we had booked Felix Kubin to come and play live, but he was also playing with Silver Apples the next week in South London, so our gig never went ahead… and no one got to find out how serious we were about Kraut. (nadia)
Glory B – Daisy Clan – This is a psychedelic sixties german number mod number with swirling hammond organs and pumping drums. Reminds me of the music that the Horrors listen too and not really understanding that every band wanted to sound like this in the sixties. (Nadia)
Riton – Rory Phillips Remix – modern Kraut Classic via Birmingham
Alec Empire – I met Rory Phillips at a Digital Hardcore gig. FACT.
Scorpions – Wind of Change


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Alex Torrance  |  July 3, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    Nice mix, but calling that Krautrock is like calling bread cheese and then getting upset because the baker isn’t giving you the right thing.

  • 2. Thomas Whitehead  |  July 6, 2009 at 9:17 am

    Who’s upset?

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