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Argh, I haven’t updated this for ages, I have been really busy producing at Diesel U Music radio, if you haven’t head of this you have to check it out now. We have had some amazing content already and we are only in Week 2 of broadcast. Highlights for me so far have been the weekly Strut shows, they have had incredible guests each time, each show so far has been themed, the first one Hip Hop, with a Grandmaster Flash interview and DJ Pogo and the second one was African music themed with the legandary Mulatu Astatke the Ethipoian Jazz musician. Amazing stuff. Check out all the Strut compilations.

I have had the pleasure to actually present 3 shows myself, which I will upload here, the first was NY request with Sasa Crnobrnja from In Flagranti, I should have got Alex Gloor (the other half) on the phone, as he would have a lot to say about New York, I Djed with both of them last week and his stories sound incredible. Todd Hart pointed me in the direction of this amazing Smylonylon tapes that he complied working at a record shop in New York in the 80’s. Download these now.

The second was Say Yes and alongside Rory Phillips with Italo legend Alexander Robotnik, it was incredible to find out that he was unaware of all the amazing Italo records that were being made the same time while he was attempting to make Disco records at his studio in Florence, I won’t tell you anymore, you’ll have see the next post to download the show to get the rest of the fascinating stuff he said.

The third show I co hosted with La Roux (who also throws a brilliant BBQ) and we were able just to play synth pop, an obsession we both have, and I didn’t mean to say she looked liked Edwin Collins, I meant her outfit.

Other great shows/highlights for me include Loaf recordings with the excellent Gable live in session, Durrr with Your Twenties live in session.. and the awesome Bank Holiday Showcase presented by Tom Ravenscroft with Battant live and DUCHESS SAYS, never before have all of us been blown away by a live band. The manager of the band even got a facebook message at the time saying “I am sitting in my flat and I can hear Duchess Says very loud, oh wait a minute, it sounds like they are playing live, across the road, they can’t be” then walks across the road to discover the earth shattering noise is actually Duchess Says coming live and direct from Diesel U Music radio.

More memorable moments include Your Twenties competition offering guest list in Birmingham to see them and Metronomy, with the question, “which is the best character from friends?” with cracking live session on the Durrr show.

On a more Psychedelic note, we’ve got Beyond the Wizards Sleeve coming in for 2 hours in June, and I am in the middle of planning an amazing trip to Pete Fowlers Monsterism Island. Expect the bizarre, the exotic and Psychedelic journey and sounds of the strange place. And speaking about bonkers and insane, Cibelle’s show have been just that. Omg, I don’t even know where to begin because this is litterally a small handfull out of all of the amazing shows we have. I still have a big hit list of people I want down at the station. And New Order is number one, so if you are reading this, and are a good mate of Bernard Sumner, get him to give me a call.

Anyway, besides all the amazing radio stuff, I had the chance to Jam on an amazing roland SH 01 and Moog Voyager till 4am at an amazing studio in South London, with the best delay ever.

I heart NY request show – In flagranti and Nadia Ksaiba

NADIA X X X Alexander Robotnik


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